RESILIENCE: Documentary Series - 5 - ACCEPTING REALITY | Documentary Film | Resilience Ep5

35min 12sec

#resilience#acceptance#documentaryfilm Get your copy of RESILIENCE ebook… ACCEPTANCE AND CONTROL is the fifth episode of the documentary series on building resilience. Some people possess an uncanny ability to immediately come to terms with their reality. While many suffer because of their inability to cope up with what’s going on within them and around them. When it comes to acceptance, there are two sides that need to be taken care of. The first is self-acceptance, which means accepting the reality within you and the other is acceptance of the reality that is around you. This documentary is aimed to help you to come to terms with your reality and navigate uncertain terrains of life with total acceptance and control. Keywords Radical acceptance Accepting reality Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Inspirational Documentary film 2021 Self help documentary films Personal development psychology Paul Robinson documentary seriesSHOW LESS

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