RESILIENCE: Documentary Series - 3 - BE FLEXIBLE | Resilience Documentary Ep 3| Bend but don’t break

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#documentaryfilm#resilience#flexibility Get your copy of RESILIENCE ebook… Flexibility- bend but don’t break is the third episode (3 of 9) of the documentary series on Resilience. People who are adaptable and flexible are resilient and building these life skills can help you to stay ahead of challenging times. Resilience is often associated with the concept of flexibility; to bend without breaking, to stretch without being pulled out of shape. You need to embrace change and not resist it. Resistance often brings breakage. People don’t have to like changes, but they may need to start embracing them instead of fighting them. With fighting and resisting comes rigidity, and this helps no one because such behaviour leads to arguments. On the other hand, flexibility implies elasticity; a willingness to flow with whatever happens. It means to try more things, use different approaches, and being open to new ideas, suggestions, constant improvement and learning. Keywords How to become adaptable flexibility and adaptability resilience documentary series inspirational documentary 2021 Paul Robinson documentary film Julia Christina Joy Baldridge Sarah Corday Sarah Johnson Mairi McHaffie Dr. Andrea Pennington Julien Blanc Lynn Schroeder Kate OliverSHOW LESS

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