Professional Weirdness - Episode 3 - Beyond “Shadow Work” : Quantum Dis-Entanglement with Sienna Lea

1h 12minAdded: 29.03.2023

Professional Weirdos, Kelsey and Cynthia, join our guest Sienna Lea, a professional healer and “Quantum Dis-Entangler” with over 7 decades of “WEIRD SHIT” under her apron.
This is some important and timely intel you won’t hear anywhere else!!!
Questions answered like:
“What is my inner baby and can’t I just give it up for adoption?” “Can humans be infested with A.I. ?” “How do I rid myself of all this trauma programming and Shady-As-Hell “contracts” I never knew existed let alone actually signed up for??” All this and so much more in this can’t-miss episode!!!

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