The Pseudoscience of Virology (Archive) - Coronavirus Tomfoolery – How the Virus Lie is Created

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When you are being tested for a so-called “virus”, they have created is a set of standards they are looking for that is predetermined. The predetermined test is a false creation because it is made in a petri dish under stress conditions to make a bacterium turn into a phage (nucleic acids and proteins) rather than letting it go to a spore form. This is because organisms in our bodies are pleomorphic. They change form from bacteria, to spores or nucleic acids, to fungus. The false germ theory of disease is set to hide this very vital fact from you. Once they add cortisone and other toxins into the cellular medium, they take this nucleic acid material and grade it based on weight via Western blot (there are other ways of measuring this) creating a band. Those who do the testing know this information only. So if they find a percentage of similar nucleic acids and proteins matched on their predetermined test (matching the band and the criteria which is subjective, for example, do you have a fever, chills, cough, etc) then they will tell you that you carry a virus. Really it is one big magic trick.

In this video, I explain this to you in greater detail and show you how the whole show is being orchestrated for you to fall for. Be smarter than their tomfoolery. Overcome, arise!

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Posted on February 1, 2020 by Yummy.Doctor

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