Life Force Network News - Episode 12 - Ending Viral Pseudoscience Part 3: Gain-of-Fiction

19min 54sAdded: 16.11.2022

Controlled Opposition in the alternative media is guiding us to the same reality of draconian government oppression that CNN serves on a platter. The Gain-of-Fiction and Lab Leak fear porn must end. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss… But not here at the Life Force Network!

Today The Kid Matt Sena presents to you the work of Dr Mark Bailey, Microbiology, health industry and medical researcher. With two decades of experience in medical practice to clinical trials, he works to disclose myths still commonly referenced as facts in medical practice. He has long been speaking out about the pseudoscientific methods used to prove the existence of so-called viruses and works with his wife Dr Sam Bailey to change the practice of medicine.

No. Virus. Has. Ever. Been. Isolated. And. Proven. Causal. For. Illness.

Show me the study!

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“The Gain of Fiction Pimps!”

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