Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) - Episode 5: Low & High Consciousness Fields

In this episode, Jeff and Clayten discuss the difference between low and high consciousness fields. And how environment may actually be more important than your personal willpower. Join your hosts in a conversation about:
-Personal energy, thoughts, and direct relationship on what influences those.
-Personal triggers and how thought forms and people around you can majorly effect you.
-Exploring different areas of your consciousness and how we can receive positive influences from people that have a high level of consciousness in a certain area.
-The characteristics, feeling, and effects of both high and low consciousness fields.
-Low environments, the “broken window theory”. Your negative thought patterns and unintentional manifesting.
-Benefits of living in a high-consciousness environment, such as, increased synchronicities, more life-force energy, positive day-to-day effects, personal consciousness raising, and more.
-Places where Chi can get stuck or move freely, Feng Shui, your home environment, and Geopathic stress.
-Personal development and raising of consciousness through meditation, focused life-force energy, gurus, energetic medicine tools.
-Dark night of the soul.
-Looking at your environment and how it may be affecting your personal willpower, your personal energy, and your ability to change. We can’t wait to share this conversation with you!

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