Keep on Growin’ with Mike VanDuzee, Hydroonics - 5 - Grow Food Cheap / Food Grade / Plant Based Diet / DIY Hydroponics

9min 14sec… Amazon Endcap Set of 4: Amazon growbox: Some of my viewers are concerned with most hydroponics using plastic or PVC. Here is a cheap and easy way to grow leafy greens. This is an experiment, we will be checking on it periodically over the next few months…if it lasts that long. A great way to start your journey on a plant based diet. Part 2 will be out in a few days, still editing. My Etsy shop with my grow boxes and ebook: True Leaf Market Organic Seeds:… Garden Downspout Grow Box seen in my videos:… Hydroponic nutrients and other hard to find supplies: Disclaimer: Some of these links are affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Tool I use to grow my channel: Music from #mrduzee1#thecreatorspotlightshow

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