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How to balance your hormones, naturally. How to detox from xeno-estrogens, prevent more getting into your lifestyle, how to increase your progesterone and how to use progesterone cream to get pregnant, hold a pregnancy, prevent precocious puberty and to stop menopausal symptoms. Also tips on reducing anxiety and depression, as well as post-partum depression.

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If somebody is pre-menopausal i.e. they got a regular cycle but are having horrific symptoms, I tell them to ignore the cycle. So in other words, you would use the cream every day and through their period as well. Do this for two to three months. Sometimes you require longer, sometimes shorter but it doesn’t harm to use it through the cycle and what this means is that it gives progesterone a chance to become dominant. If you take a break, estrogen can rise so you’re back to square one every time you start the progesterone.

Going continuously on the cream, it suppresses estrogen continuously so it cannot rise and generally, at the end of the three months, the progesterone is now dominant and then once you sort of feel stable, you can start experimenting. Stop the cream and then see what happens. If the symptoms come back, they obviously haven’t gone on long enough but if the symptoms don’t come back, then you can continue not using the cream for the length of the follicular phase that you normally have.

Now this is another confusing thing because everyone is told to use the cream for 14 days and have a break for 14 days. Twenty-eight days is only the average length of our cycles. They range from 21 days to 35 days. If you add those two together, divide by two, you get to 28 and so the pill manufacturers put their pill in a 28-day package.

Everyone now thinks every woman has a 28-day cycle and it’s simply not true. So a woman with a 35-day cycle, would only start using progesterone on day 21 and use it for the next 14 days. So she doesn’t use it (the cream) for three weeks but somebody with a very short cycle, 21 days,… she would start using it on day seven and use it for the next 14 days.

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37:28 Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium
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44:14 Biomed B-Complex 60 capsules
45:05 Pekana PSY-stabil Spagyric Homeopathic Oral Drops 
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01:28:00 Doctor Yummy’s ZEN Natural Magnesium
01:28:05 Biotics Research Liquid Iodine Forte
01:34:08 Bio-D-Mulsion 1000 Biotics Research

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