Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) - How FLFE Discovered EMF Mitigation + EMF Mitigation Customer Testimonials

FLFE is focused on creating and maintaining high-consciousness fields as a proprietary service. During routine tests of our customers homes we began discovering low-consciousness disturbances and hearing stories of the service not feeling as good.

As we dug deeper we discovered why, and FLFE EMF Mitigation was born. This was not a new service that we sold, but rather a free upgrade provided to all FLFE customers, at that time. We use our customer testimonials to improve the service and have always crowd-sourced both features and service improvements. In essence we are a customer-focused service.

To experience FLFE free for 15 days with no credit card, nothing to cancel and no surprise bill at the end, you may visit There’s zero obligation to purchase the service in order to experience the FLFE free trial, but be prepared for surprises!

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