The Pseudoscience of Virology (Archive) - Interview with Amandha Vollmer – Myth of contagion, what makes people sick, antibiotics and DMSO

Dear friends, i am happy to announce that I finally interviewed the brilliant Amandha Vollmer, who is a naturopathic doctor from Canada, author of the book “ Healing with DMSO” and brave spirit who always fights for the truth. Amandha managed to educate thousands of people and explain the truth about health and disease, the real human biology, falsity of the germ theory of disease and myth of contagion. During the current Covid “pandemic” she is one of the main voices speaking up about the lack of scientific evidence for the existence of sars-cov-2 virus and that virology itself is purely unscientific. On this interview we discussed the following topics:
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-The myth of contagion
-What really makes people sick
-Chicken pox

  • and DMSO ( Dimethyl sulfoxide) which is a wonderful medicine that comes from trees. In Russia it is sold completely freely in a pharmacy, unlike in other countries, where Big Pharma managed to demonize DMSO, hiding its incredibly healing properties for people.
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