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Join me as I help you through the muck of the germ theory and encourage you how to take control of your own health. This video was a live FB recording on May, 17, 2017. I still believed the immune system was a real system but later learned it was a term coined by the pharmaceutical industry to promote the dangerous idea of vaccines.

Here are some important videos, resources and books:

Are you aware that each year “about 3 to 5 million cases of severe flu illness and about 250 000 to 500 000 flu season deaths worldwide occur”? ” Flu season deaths are not rare. You don’t need an epidemic or a pandemic of influenza or the flu to cause deaths. Every flu season, a lot of people die from this disease.”

The Big Virus Hoax 1</
Swine Flu, Fake:

The Poisoned Needle:

Elite full throttle:

Measles virus does not exist:

HIV virus does not exist:
1918 Pandemic was not a virus, it was aspirin (vaccines also implicated):

We make our diseases with lifestyle:

The only way to have a virus is to be injected with it:

Electromagnetic Frequencies and Blood Oxygenation (5G was tested first in Wuhan):

Our blood contains Pleomorphic Bacteria:

Virus Mania:

Bechamp vs Pasteur: Proof that Pasteur was a fraud and plagiarist.

The Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur: More evidence of fraud and Gerald Geison, The Private Science of Louis Pasteur (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995), 378 pp., ISBN 0-691-03442-7  Pasteur kept 2 sets of lab notes.

Wind Invasion in TCM:

Dismantling the Virus Theory:

Six Companies that own all the media:

This is just a drop in the bucket of the research I have done, books I have read and videos I have watched.

The analogy of “sheep” means people who merely follow. They do not ask important and deep questions or “think outside the box”, they just watch a box, called a TV and believe everything on it. They don’t seem to ask questions like who designed the Georgia Guidestones and why? Why can we not find out what happens at secret governmental meetings like the Bilderberg group or Bohemian Grove? Who is J.D. Rockefeller and what is the Flexner Report that made all other forms of medicine attacked and belittled? How was the private banking group the Federal Reserve formed? (For that answer watch or read “The Creature From Jekyll Island” (by G. Edward Griffin) Is there any conflict of interest in medical school from the drug companies ( and this is 10 years ago)? Why are autism rates sharply rising as they keep adding more vaccines to the schedule? Did the CDC shred the evidence that African American baby boys had a higher risk of autism from the MMR? (answer, yes they did) And did they just lose in court recently? (yes How can I trust agencies to take care of my health who are lying and manipulating science? What else have they lied about? Is there a revolving door between industry and the CDC, WHO and the alphabet agencies? (answer, yes and they also hold vaccine patents Why do they have to force me to take their vaccines? If they worked so well, wouldn’t people never want to miss a shot? (

What is the plan? UN Agenda 2030 aka Agenda 21 –

I could continue on with the evidence, but this at least is a start.

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