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Monkeypox Mania is a Live Summit, hosted by Alec Zeck of The Way Forward, which aims to dissect and debunk the monkey business of Monkeypox and the theory of pathogenic viruses.

The live summit educates viewers on the truth about viruses and discusses the newest scam called Monkeypox. In this video the doctors present their studies and research, with the hope of educating people about the dangers of falling for another fake virus. The summit brings light to the darkness. Together, they expose the truth about why the Monkeypox virus can not possibly exist the way many people have been brainwashed into believing. Therefore, the summit will prove that the idea of Monkeypox is just another page in the evil agenda. Amandha talks about the lack of proper research and proof in the studies done by the big pharma companies. She hopes that she may be able to prove that the whole virus idea is just one big scam.

In general, Amandha believes that individuals need to model rationality and logical thinking. For that reason, she often discusses what logical fallacies are all about. There is a lot to unravel, especially with the Monkeypox virus. Many people are hesitant to look at the Monkeypox topic because it makes them question so much more. They now have to question the governments, the industries as well as history before all the virus lies start to unravel before them.

This video features the following speakers in order of appearance:
  1. Dr. Tom Cowan,
  2. Dr. Sam Bailey,
  3. Mike Stone of,
  4. Dr. Andrew Kaufman,
  5. Christine Massey,
  6. Dr. Mark Bailey,
  7. Kevin Corbett,
  8. Saeed Qureshi,
  9. Eric Coppolino, and
  10. Amandha Vollmer.
Dr. Tom Cowan:

Tom is a well-known alternative medicine doctor, author, and speaker. With a common sense, holistic approach to health and wellness, he has hosted countless lectures on a variety of subjects related to health and medicine. He is the author of six bestselling books, including the contagion mold and break-through.

Dr. Tom Cowan discusses the distinction between ‘believing and knowing’ when it comes to how science, biology, medicine, and in particular virology. He knows that in all four of these areas, the “Science” has simply become what he refers to as the “art of saying things and writing things,” especially in virology. However, in general, biology, medicine, and science has served as a way to confuse the common people. He believes that if people actually understood what they, the scientist, biologist and allopathic doctors were saying – Nobody would believe it.

Dr. Sam Bailey:

Sam is accompanied by her husband, Mark Bailey discuss virus mania and the pandemic playbook. Dr. Sam Bailey is a New Zealand medical doctor who has trained in practice within the medical system for two decades. She has new Zealand’s largest health channel on YouTube with over 300,000 subscribers. As a member of the virus mania team since 2020, Dr. Sam Bailey speaks on how she has learned that the medical industry has been inventing epidemics “out of thin air and blaming them on viruses that have never been shown to exist”

Dr. Mike Stone:

Mike from has an educational background in health and exercise science, and is currently a health and wellness coach. He has been researching and writing about the “virus lie” for the last few years. He discusses the eradication of smallpox and how it relates to Monkeypox and other POCs illnesses.

Dr. Andrew (Andy) Kaufman:

Andy is a public speaker and researcher, he is a natural healing practitioner as well as a business and homeschooling consultant and inventor. He is also known as a COVID-19 whistleblower. Dr. Kaufman has a bachelors degree in science and molecular biology from MIT. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke university medical center after graduating from the medical university of South Carolina. Dr. Kaufman discusses the original “isolation studies of Monkeypox”

Christine Massey:

Christine is a formal biostatistician in Canada, who has been collating hundreds of freedoms of information responses over the last two years. She is sharing her findings to show that health and science institutions worldwide are unable to provide or prove the existence of SARS COV-2 or any other alleged virus. Christine Massey discusses the freedom of information requests.

Dr. Mark Bailey:

Mark worked as a doctor for two decades, including as a clinical trials physician before leaving the medical system in 2016. He and his wife,  Sam Bailey now produce health content for the public through videos and articles. Mark is a former professional athlete in New Zealand and seven-time duathlon champion. in this video, Dr. Mark Bailey discusses PCR and its misuse for diagnostics and testing.

Kevin Corbett:

Kevin is a health scientist who completed his doctoral work, exposing the fraud of diagnostic testing during the HIV aids era, as well as during COVID-19. Prior to this, he was a charge nurse on the first aid ward in England, founded by Diana princess of Wales. Kevin also was one of the co-authors of the corpsman and Jostein review report. Kevin Corbett will be discussing cooking up cases through upscale testing and phony epidemiological clustering.

Dr. Saeed Qureshi:

Saeed is an internationally recognized scientist for the past 40 years, including 30 years with health Canada. He has been involved in the isolation, characterization and testing of food and pharmaceutical substances. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic he has been educating and guiding people about the unfortunate use of false and fraudulent science and virus isolation testing as well as vaccine development.

Eric Coppolino:

The host of planet waves FM and Executive Director of Kyron return, a non-profit publisher that trains journalists through direct experience. He is an award-winning investiture journalist from the print era who has covered Monsanto, GE, Westinghouse and other multinationals, as well as many state and federal regulatory agencies. Eric Coppolino discusses COVID as a digital phenomenon.

Amandha Vollmer (ADV):

She is a professional, eclectic holistic health practitioner, helping people to prevent disease and heal naturally. Amandha designs and produces handcrafted all natural body care remedies that are available in her online store and her sponsor site Amandha is the published author of the book Healing with DMSO and she is an educator on the science of the germ theory, the method of terrain care and self empowerment.

Amandha closes the conversation by explaining how the science is manufactured and how the body actually works. Through which, she educates listeners on how and why the scientific methods (which fabricate the knowing of a virus) are false and do not prove that a virus actually exist in the body.

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