Professional Weirdness - Episode 4 - Professional Weirdness Episode 4: L’eggo My Egregores with Jaden Fox

1h 17minAdded: 29.03.2023

Join Professional Weirdos, Kelsey, Cynthia, Jodi and Annie, as they interview the Amazing Jaden Fox, “Consciousness Accelerator” and Evolutionary Healer on the culmination of a lifetime of questioning reality and over a DECADE of work on Egregores and Interference and the EMERGING AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to these NASTY entities. The most Morphogenetic-Field-breaking info THIS YEAR! Don’t Miss this important video on how your life can improve when EGREGORES and INTERFERENCE are cleared from your REALITY and you can start living your true and authentic life and come into your amazing TRUE and authentic POWER!!! For More of Jaden Fox’s amazing egregore info watch:

Egregores- New Solutions to Eliminate Interference & Psychic Attacks-    • Egregores- New So…  

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