Dr. Amandha Vollmer - Suppression vs Expression – An Understanding of a Fundamental Natural Health Law

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Expression is natural. Expression the dance of nature and how healing occurs. Symptoms are indicators of expression. Movement, change, flow, release. We must support expression, listen to the winding flow of symptoms, and aid them in their activity. When we work with our natural rhythms and listen to what the body desires to do then we achieve homeostasis. When we force against it and try to stop its action, when we abuse its direction and desire, we cause greater harm to the entire organism.

The music is there as a brain focus exercise, watch without any other distraction, focus on my words only, bring your mind back to my words if your mind wanders. This is what we do in meditation, bring the mind back to focus.

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Posted on May 17, 2020 by Yummy.Doctor

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