The Pseudoscience of Virology (Archive) - The end of virology: the 3rd phase of control experiments for SARS-CoV-2

Dr. Stefan Lanka on the 3rd phase of the control experiments for SARS-CoV-2. During the 1st phase, Dr. Lanka showed that what virologists attribute to the presence of a pathogenic virus – the death of cells in test tube, can be achieved without the use of any infectious material, because the technic that they use is killing the cells on its own. A very detailed and simple video that explains the first phase of control experiments you can find here :

In the second phase Dr. Lanka showed that what virologists call a “viral genetic material” in reality comes from a healthy human tissue.
More details about the 2nd phase you can find here:
In the 3rd phase, he will show that by applying the same technic that virologists use, using the nucleic acids that don’t come from supposedly infectious material but from healthy human tissues, animals and plants, you can construct the genome of any “virus” you want.

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