Dr. Amandha Vollmer - Using Homeopathy – Simple Uses of Common Remedies

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Homeopathic medicine is important to educate yourself about and bring into your home to use for everyday ailments and issues. These elegant yet powerful remedies are a staple in my home and for my patients. I have many remedies on my website at and my new website will have the full compliment. If there is a remedy that you want but do not see, simply select any in the potency you want and make a note on check out so we can make the substitution for the one you want.

In this video I walk you through some commonly used and very effective homeopathic remedies so that you can begin to confidently use this powerful and suppressed natural solution for any health imbalance.

Dr. Amandha Vollmer has been exposing the virus myth and the false germ theory for many years, she makes DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) infused products by hand which can be found at her website:

She is the author of “Healing with DMSO” The Complete Guide to Safe and Natural Treatments for Managing Pain, Inflammation, and Other Chronic Ailments with Dimethyl Sulfoxide which is available at all booksellers for presale, to be released in April 2020.

Product list:
Colloidal Silver 15PPM
Homeocan Jet Lag Homeopathic Pellets
Ruta graveolens Homeopathic Remedy
Thiosinaminum Homeopathic Remedy UNDA 30CH
Kali Bichromium Homeopathic UNDA
UNDA Euphrasia Officinalis Homeopathic Remedy
Nux vomica Homeopathic Remedy- UNDA
Homeocan Fatigue Homeopathic Pellets
Aconitum napellus Homeopathic Remedy
Pekana RENELIX Kidney Spagyric Drainage Homeopathic Remedy
Pekana GLAUTARAKT Homeopathic Spagyric Remedy for Glaucoma
Pekana OPSONAT Spagyric Drops
Pekana TOXEX Spagyric Drops – 50 ml
Pekana NEU-regan Spagyric Syrup

27:32 Colloidal Silver 15PPM
31:34 Homeocan Jet Lag Homeopathic Pellets
33:04 Ruta graveolens Homeopathic Remedy
46:34 Thiosinaminum Homeopathic Remedy UNDA 30CH
51:32 Kali Bichromium Homeopathic UNDA
54:53 UNDA Euphrasia Officinalis Homeopathic Remedy
58:00 Nux vomica Homeopathic Remedy- UNDA
59:37 Homeocan Fatigue Homeopathic Pellets
01:01:24 Aconitum napellus Homeopathic Remedy
01:05:42 Pekana RENELIX Kidney Spagyric Drainage Homeopathic Remedy
01:05:52 Pekana GLAUTARAKT Homeopathic Spagyric Remedy for Glaucoma
01:05:58 Pekana OPSONAT Spagyric Drops
01:06:00 Pekana TOXEX Spagyric Drops – 50 ml
01:07:43 Pekana NEU-regan Spagyric Syrup

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Posted on February 3, 2020 by Yummy.Doctor

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