Is this your first time compressing a video? Or perhaps you have forgotten. We will take through a few steps to help you get your content in the right hands.

  1. Go to (Don’t worry it is for FREE)
  2. Download Handbrake and follow the instructions.
  3. Hey you got this.. but just in case you have gotten yourself in a bit of a pickle here is a link you can check out to see the documentation guide
  4. If you are at this step GREAT YOU GOT IT! HOORAY! Now you should see the below image.
  • Drag or drop a file from a folder or “open folder” to find the video.
  • Once imported you should see a screenshot of the video just like our below
  • We are almost there but these next steps are really important.
  • Go to the Save As and you will see .m4v
  • Delete .m4v (backspace 3x)
  • Now add the file name .mp4
  • Now go to the Format and it should be on MP4
  • Tracks: H.264 (x264), 30 FPS PFR
  • Size: 1920×1080 storage, 1920×1080 display
  • Preset: Fast 1080p 30
  • Look below at the image and it should look like that

Well done Now Click The GREEN button “START ENCODE” and you are Donzies.

Is that a bit too complicated? Don’t worry here is another way.

  • Upload a video on YouTube as it has an encoder already installed (ours is coming soon)
  • Once uploaded and ready to be viewed
  • Download your video with a youtube downloader ex; (VideoProc) Click here for more
  • Then you can upload directly without using handbrake