Joseph Spencer Former ‘Men In Black’ Operative Exposed The Alien Agenda, As Well As ‘Predicted’ The COVID Outbreak Several Years Ago

This video was recorded in 1989 – he died in 1990.
Joseph Spencer, the speaker in this now several years old but actually now very accurately predictive video says he served the US government between 1970 to 1997 as a top secret operative working on black budget projects, including working on recovered spacecraft technology and so on. He talks of the intended extermination of 95% of the world population by 2030 using agents to cause the sterilization of men, fluoride to cause severe neurological and other damage, and of man-made viruses and diseases like AIDS which he says the American government already distributed purposely in spiked vaccines in 1980. He mentions how chemtrails are to be dispersed daily by military aircraft over populated areas to shower neurotoxins, toxic barium chloride nanoparticles, cancer microbes and viruses upon the population, these being intended to cause infertility and lethal damage through cancer and damage to the respiratory and immune systems, with the sperm count already having dropped 50% in men even by the time he made this video. What is extremely interesting here is that this former CIA agent states how a mutated version of the common influenza virus is to be used to spread a pandemic also, and surely, here we are with a similar scenario with the current COVID bioweapon in the spiked fake vaccines. He says back then that this fake influenza bioweapon is to be released in late 2017 that will already be seen to impact by late 2017 to early 2018. It is actually a total extermination program being inflicted against all human life on this planet by another species that is invading our planet, our dimension.
The following commentary and video are quite interesting in regard to what was “predicted” years ago by Mr. Joseph Spencer who claims to have worked as “Man in Black” for the CIA, and was tasked to silencing UFO/alien witnesses, whistleblowers, and those who got too close to the truth about the Alien Agenda (which is actually what the New World Order really is). You will see that a lot of what he said it will happen many years ago, it already came to fruition. He also speaks about what it is being planned against humanity in the very near future, and why it is imperative that we stop the New World Order before it takes place.

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