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  • STATUS REPORT ON AGENDA 21 - Tank & Loura
  • Artificial or Organic? - Tank & Loura
  • The Crime For Thinking For Yourself - Tank & Loura
  • How to Change the Medical System - Tank & Loura
  • Hot Mic W/Tank - Tank & Loura
  • The Secret Weapon - Tank & Loura
  • What the.. Healing - Steffen \"Tank\" Rowe & Loura
  • Others all around us - Steffen \"Tank\" Rowe & Loura
  • #I vote for myself - Steffen \"Tank\" Rowe & Loura
  • I am Loura & I come from another planet - Steffen \"Tank\" Rowe & Loura
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  1. This is similar to a story of an American woman who died in a bus accident in Mexico and overtaken by a being from another planet. There was a book written about it called Ricky B… written by J.J. Benitez. I have read it. If you are familiar with this author then you will know about this story… unfortunately, it is written in Spanish only……If anyone has read this, would love to share our thoughts….fascinating story……I am curious about one thing, if K knew about this, and believed you, why were you cast out by Lisa, why was it allowed?? Where is Melissa(Old Soul) from and what planet is Loura from?

  2. Thank You for sharing. Truly amazing….May God continue to protect and guide you. Anxious to learn from you and others. Excited to start working on restoring our beautiful planet. Blessings and God Speed!

  3. Thank you so much for shining a LIGHT on the truth. Love this breath of fresh TRUTH.


  4. Not sure what happened to cause the split but much appreciate the help clarifying various points. Kim is amazing and much much appreciated as she and her team are altering the situation on this planet. At the same time, UNN appears to have a troll or two that are causing issues and we simply don’t watch all interviews. I also respected and liked Max and felt she was not treated fairly. Would like to know how and from what past experience Tank has gained his knowledge. Again, thank you.

  5. The UNN network ppl told me that “Tank” was no longer with them, so I am confused, as I was actually asking about the “nano soma”
    Tank spoke of and I ordered it. I only was told tank was no longer with them as I asked about the discounts he mentioned etc. so can anyone explain what’s going on, what is Kimberly’s network.

  6. If Kimberly and the helpers are elimiating non-salvageable humans then why are the evil ones like the ones who are still pulling the strings allowed to stay? Surely they are attacking us and can be eliminated by natural law but they seem to still be in charge and continue to make their nefarious plans for us? Evan if they are only masked pupets they still are being seen and listened to. Time for the helping entities to send them back to source.

  7. Oh yes,
    Life remains indefinite to conclusion…

  8. ❤️🙏 Dear Friends , I Am so Gratefull for All of U commenting on this Awesome Talk , Who have Taken Up the Effort to Carefully Listen & Respond to this TRUTH LIFE FORCE Network, Told by Present Day Resistance Movement Pioneers , that I shared with Many , if not All of my Beloved Contacts on Telegram ( 😜 the Only Platform where the TRUTH Still Can be Told 😎Before I fully can Take the Time to Write out what my Own Dear Father in the flesh ( he passed over in 2003 ) Did to Save Jewish Children in WorldWar 2 🙏❤️ 👉 https://lifeforcenetwork.tv/speak-pro-radio-w-tank-loura/. 🙏 Thank U ❤️ I Love U ❤️ Pls Subscribe to Kim Goguen`s Platform (UnitedNetwork.TV) if U have a Creditcard & Do Understand English 😉 whom Tank is also Fully behind since 2016 (at the least ) 💫👍🤩 Like I AM 🙏❤️ AUM , Namaste

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